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May 1, 2018


Hey! I did a thing!

by kwagz91


When I first started at my current company a couple years ago, I had a Junior title in front of DBA. I was given a lot of manual processes from the previous DBAs that had not yet been automated. One of the most painful tasks was always copying data from multiple production environment to a lab environment, because there were a handful of databases that needed to be moved for the application to run, required a lot of painful tracking and communication, and all was done one at a time.

This led me to my first piece of PowerShell I ever wrote. After weeks and weeks of googling between all the other normal chaos, I had something that ran and automated the majority of the work. All that was needed for me was a ticket requesting the data to be moved and I could plug some values in and hit a button. I called it the MagicDBButton, because the fact that it worked was pure magic to me.

Even this became cumbersome after a while because when development and customer support realized how much less painful it was to get the data they needed, requests came in even quicker. THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY he says rocking back and forth in his cube under the desk.

MagicDBButton v2 has arrived. With the help of a member of the development team making an internal site for me, I was able to create some stored procedures, jobs, and refactor the way data gets entered into the script variables, which allows the system to automatically look for new requests every 15 minutes, email the user when the request starts and finishes, and provide errors it encounters in the email (until I find ways to automatically handle it differently). I am completely hands free for the foreseeable future. I can’t wait to hand it out to them tomorrow.

Quick brag complete. I’ll pull pieces of the code into my GitHub soon!

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  1. May 7 2018

    Awesome man, way to go! Great first blog too. Keep them coming! (high five)

    Liked by 1 person


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