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About Me

My name is Kyle Wagner and I am currently living in the Pittsburgh area! Professionally, I have been spending my last couple years as a DBA. The previous couple years I was a data analyst and did some general IT freelance work in order to try and keep a nice rounded knowledge base and to get to know people. Jobs have had their ups and downs but I am happy in what I do now as it gets me exposure to a ton of technology that I can learn at my own pace.

Personally, I have a few hobbies,a pet dog, and a fiancee. I spend a ton of time at Pittsburgh sporting events. You’ll find me at almost every Steelers home game, about a dozen Penguins games a year, and a handful of Pirates games. I also love to golf (handicap fluctuates between 14 and 18 throughout the season) and play paintball. My dog is named Tyson, and you’ll usually just find him floating between my bed and the couch, asleep or begging to be petted. My fiancee puts up with all my horrendous hours for some reason, but I get the privilege of locking that down permanently come May 25, 2019.F8CF2994-9ABC-422E-BAB7-AD415FC9B043

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